Supreme Court ruling on Indigenous consultation reveals true face of the Canadian state

NDP MP Romeo Saganash  (Photo Credit : SEAN KILPATRICK/CP)Cree NDP MP Romeo Saganash recently made headlines for his declaration in Parliament that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “doesn’t give a fuck” about the rights of Indigenous people. His declamation came in response to Trudeau’s commitment to build the Trans Mountain pipeline “no matter what”, as well as government statements that it, “will not be able to accommodate all Indigenous concerns.”

Colten Boushie murder acquittal shows racism of Canadian justice system

The justice system has once again failed Indigenous people after a Saskatchewan jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of killing Colten Boushie of the Red Pheasant First Nation. Angry shouts of “Murderer!” echoed through the courtroom on Feb. 9 as the jury read their verdict, and this anger swept the whole nation overnight. Rallies were immediately held the following day in various cities, including Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and many others, drawing thousands of people.

The Sixties Scoop: Another crime against Indigenous people

In the next few months the Alberta NDP government, working with the Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta (SSISA), is hosting a series of consultations in different cities across Alberta. Some of the stated goals of these consultations are “to help shape how our government can apologize in a way that is meaningful and promotes healing” and “[to] gain a deeper understanding of how the Sixties Scoop affected people’s lives.”. This move in Alberta follows the recently settled class-action lawsuits that will see the federal government pay between $550 million to $850 million to survivors of the Sixties Scoop.

Solidarity With Standing Rock!

Protesters Road Dakota Access PipelineOn the windswept plains of south-central North Dakota, hundreds of miles from any major city, a slowly simmering drama has exploded suddenly into public consciousness. The Standing Rock Sioux's battle to defend their water and lands while facing down vicious repression by private security forces and the state is the largest mobilization of Native unity and resistance in the US in decades. It also represents an important opportunity to unite the labor and environmentalist movements.

Mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows: Clean water for First Nations communities!

GrassyNarrwos Stan Beardy Roger FobisterFor decades, the residents of Grassy Narrows First Nation, a small community near the Manitoba border, have suffered from the effects of mercury in local lakes and rivers, eating poisoned fish and falling prey to illness from unsafe drinking water. The Ontario government’s shameful inaction to the ongoing crisis in Grassy Narrows is a testament to the low priority of human needs such as the health of Indigenous people in a state run on behalf of the capitalist class.

First Nations Suicide Crisis: Enough is Enough!

canada hides genocideAttawapiskat, a First Nations community in northern Ontario, has declared a state of emergency after 11 suicide attempts in one night. This is just one month after a state of emergency was declared by Cross Lake First Nation in Manitoba, where the community suffered six deaths by suicide in two months and 140 attempts in two weeks. The truth is that the horrendous living conditions which many of our Aboriginal communities are forced to endure entail a constant “state of emergency”.

Sexual Abuse of Aboriginal Women by Police: We Demand Justice!

Aboriginal women from Val-d’Or, Quebec, have come forward with deeply disturbing accusations of physical and sexual violence by officers of the Sureté du Québec (the Quebec Provincial police force). The allegations were uncovered by Enquête, a CBC Radio-Canada investigative program, and made public on October 22nd. Enquête had been investigating complaints that the SQ had not taken the disappearance of Sindy Ruperthouse, an Algonquin woman who went missing from Val-d’Or in April 2014, seriously - in the process unearthing a pattern of rampant and sickening abuse by local police spanning as far back as two decades.

Conservative policies starve northern indigenous communities

Child holding sign that says, "I need milk" in Northern indigenous language and EnglishThroughout their nine years in power, the Conservative government has developed a tradition of brushing off the concerns and challenges faced by Canada's aboriginal peoples. The latest example to get national attention is the failure of the Nutrition North Canada Program (NNCP), which was meant to ensure the affordability of healthy foods shipped to isolated Northern communities, where food insecurity is up to six times the national average. Since it was implemented in 2011, prices of food and other basic necessities have skyrocketed, leaving some with no option but to scavenge in garbage dumps to feed their families.

The crisis of missing and murdered Aboriginal women is a crisis of capitalism

Demands for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada have been reignited following the murder of Tina Fontaine, an aboriginal teenager, in Winnipeg.  Stephen Harper’s response to these demands is that the issue “should not be viewed as a sociological phenomenon”, but rather as crime and dealt with as such. Harper’s statement should not come as a surprise; further examination on the miserable conditions suffered by Aboriginal peoples — and especially women — would reveal that the terrible poverty and exclusion they face cannot be resolved under capitalism.

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