System change, not climate change: Fight for socialism to avert environmental catastrophe!

Many climate march protestorsWorkers and youth around the world are taking to the streets to demand action and system change to avert environmental catastrophe. Perhaps the most significant is the “Fridays for Future” or “School Strike for Climate” movement taking place across the globe. This movement was founded by a young Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, who began protesting outside of the Swedish parliament during school hours in August of 2018. Within months large solidarity rallies had been organized by students around the world. Significantly, on March 15, 2019 the Global Strike for the Future saw 1.4 million students from 125 countries around the world walk out of school to march and demonstrate, demanding government action on the climate crisis.

Canada’s carbon tax battle: Why Liberals and Conservatives can’t solve the environmental crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Ontario Premier Doug Ford in Montreal.  (PAUL CHIASSON / THE CANADIAN PRESS)The debate over Trudeau’s so-called “carbon tax” is shaping up to be a defining issue in Canada’s 2019 federal election. Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined most of the country’s premiers in 2016 to sign a “pan-Canadian” agreement taxing carbon consumption, an alliance of federal and provincial Conservative leaders have made opposition to the carbon pricing plan a central focus of their campaign against the Liberals. Yet the Conservatives’ rhetoric, which evokes concerns over the tax’s impact on the cost of living, only masks the fact that their own policies amount to nothing but corporate welfare—the chief result of which will be to worsen economic inequality without solving the environmental crisis. The hard truth, unmentionable by bourgeois politicians, is that capitalism is incapable of adequately responding to the threat posed by climate change.

Why there is no "ethical consumption" under capitalism

the fairtrade logo 002 1 origFor the last couple of decades, topics like climate change, sweatshop labour and animal abuse have become hot-button issues in North America. In the 1990’s, stories emerged of billion dollar corporations like Nike, Apple, Nestle and Wal-Mart forcing workers to manufacture their products in sweatshops, terrifying consumers who hitherto had no knowledge of working conditions in the so-called “third world.” Additionally, information began to circulate on the truth about factory pollution and human-caused climate change, which for the first time made it a concern of those other than just scientists.  

Genetically-modified food: For human need or corporate greed?

The development of genetically-modified organisms (GMO) has opened up whole new possibilities for improving the nutrition of humanity. However, under capitalism, GMOs are being abused by large agro-corporations, such as Monsanto, to maximize shareholders’ profits at the expense of ordinary people around the world.  Instead, GMOs have reduced the safety and security of the food system for billions of people. What is a working-class approach to confronting the problems of GMOs and food security?

Carbon Taxes: A solution to the environmental crisis?

The question of climate change and the environment is one of the burning issues for today’s youth.  It is becoming increasingly evident that unsustainable exploitation of the environment cannot continue unabated.  One measure that is championed by the bosses and the ruling class, and is supposed to relieve the pressures on the environment, is a carbon tax, such as the one implemented in British Columbia in 2008. Five years later, can we say that carbon taxes genuinely work in protecting the environment, or are they simply one more tool in the bosses‘ arsenal in order to transfer more money into the bank accounts of corporations?

Climate change: Capitalism's elephant in the room

In the midst of so many tumultuous events — the global financial crisis and bourgeois push for austerity, the BP oil spill, the Arab Revolution, and disasters in Japan — it's easy to forget the slow, steady march to ecological catastrophe that remains ever-present in the background. Climate change is a reality, but the capitalists’ head-in-the-sand approach is a recipe for disaster in the face of this historically unprecedented challenge.

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