Marxism and the theory of "Long Waves"

In the recent period the theories of Kondratiev have enjoyed new popularity with bourgeois economists and some people who consider themselves Marxists. It is one of those ironies of which history is so rich that Kondratiev's ideas are being used by bourgeois economists to justify the idea that the capitalist system can go on indefinitely in a never-ending series of "long waves" in which long periods of downswing are automatically followed by long periods of upswing and vice versa. It is rather like an economic version of the "perpetual motion machine" which people have endeavoured to discover for centuries, but which so far has not been found anywhere under the sun. (by Alan Woods)

Our Work & Our Wages

Wherever you go in the world, the one inevitable topic of workplace conversation is how little money is made by the workers, compared to how much the boss makes for the privilege of telling you what to do. Far from being an idle complaint, it is exactly this imbalance which is the key to understanding how our society works. This understanding - plain to every worker - is in fact, the beginning point of Marx's analysis of capitalist society: what he called the theory of surplus value. (by Lorenzo Fiorito)

Productive and unproductive labour

In the 1980s there was a debate within the Marxist tendency about productive and unproductive labour. Here we provide a contribution to that debate by Mick Brooks. Although this is archive material, we believe it will help today’s generation to better understand capitalism in order to overthrow it. (by Mick Brooks)

An Introduction to Marx's Labour Theory of Value -- Part one and Part two

It is fashionable these days for bourgeois economists and sociologists to refute the dialectical materialist method of analysis developed by Karl Marx. One of the basic ideas of Karl Marx that is constantly being denied by the bourgeois is his theory of value. This is understandable because from this very theory flow all the other conclusions of Marx, in particular that of the need to overthrow capitalism if we are to put an end to all the contradictions of this unjust system which condemns millions of human beings to abject poverty, mass unemployment, periodic economic crises and wars. In this article (divided into two parts) Mick Brooks, using up to date facts and figures, shows how the Marxist Labour Theory of Value is still valid today. (by Mick Brooks)
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