Factory closures in Central Canada: Capitalism is a failed system

Another wave of factory closures across Ontario and Quebec reveal how capitalism is ultimately a failed system.  Despite millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies from government, ultimately paid by working-class people through their taxes, companies are pocketing all of this free money and still putting more people out of work, all for the benefit of making greater profit. Capitalism is a dead end; both governments and the leadership of the labour movement need to stop propping it up.

Nationalize the Canadian wireless industry; No support for Verizon or the Big Three

For the past few months, the question of how to reform the mobile phone sector in Canada has come to the fore. Currently, most mobile service in Canada is provided by just three telecommunications giants — Bell, Rogers, and TELUS.  Because of this, Canadians pay some of the highest mobile rates in the entire industrialized world.  Now that US behemoth Verizon is looking to enter the Canadian market, a debate is raging about what should be done about the mobile sector, and what would be most beneficial to Canadian workers and consumers.

XL Foods recall: Cost-cutting threatens food and worker safety

The discovery of E. Coli in meat from XL Foods has prompted the largest beef recall in Canadian history. Like any capitalist enterprise, XL Foods has one key goal: increasing profit. While corporate consolidation grew and agriculture and meat production became more concentrated, the role of factory farming in agribusiness became more prominent. Today over 95% of animals raised and slaughtered for food in Canada are mass-produced on factory farms. As animals rights groups have pointed out, conditions for animals there tend to be overcrowded and unsanitary, allowing disease to spread easily.

One year after #Occupy: How to beat the 1%

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement in many Canadian cities.  Occupy captured the imaginations of thousands of youth, and even though the occupations themselves are no longer around, the ideas and language of the Occupy movement persist today.  The key factor in making movements such as Occupy successful is to bring in the labour movement who hold the real power in society.  Today, we publish a recent editorial from our sister paper in the USA, Socialist Appeal.

Capitalists of the world, unite… in tax evasion

A recent report by the consultancy firm, McKinsey, reveals that treasure troves of cash are being held in off-shore, tax-free havens. This does not come as news for many; what is notable of the report is the sheer magnitude of wealth that the ultra-rich of the world have accumulated in off-shore accounts for decades.

As 2012 dawns -- Once more on optimism and pessimism

Twelve months ago, we contrasted the attitude of the bourgeoisie and the working class as the effects of the capitalist crisis played out.  The bourgeois have no confidence in their own system, only seeing a dead end.  The working class, on the other hand, are beginning to realize their own strength.  In the past year, the working masses around the world have risen up and begun to challenge the status-quo.  What can revolutionaries look forward to in 2012?

The dictatorship of the bankers

Europe’s economic crisis is being transformed by the day into a deep political crisis. Italy and Greece both have new governments – governments of “national unity”, pledged to solve the economic and financial crisis that has rocked Europe to its foundations. What are these so-called technocratic governments and what do they represent?

Occupy Canada: Expropriate the 1%!

The Canadian corporate media commentators were all united with a single opinion — the #Occupy movement would have no traction north of the border due to Canada’s “stable banks that never needed a bailout”. Despite the fact that this is a lie, thousands of ordinary Canadians showed the press just how out of touch they are. After being ignored and belittled, the movement that began in New York has taken firm root in Canada. The very notion of criticizing corporate rule and capitalism has been ridiculed in the mainstream media, so much so that large numbers were silenced. Now these people have said they will not be shut up and have burst onto the political scene.

Europe on the brink of a precipice

Europe is standing on the edge of a precipice. This is the judgement, not just of the Marxists, but of the most serious strategists of Capital. Barely six weeks have passed since the latest Greek rescue package, and it is already unravelling. There is now a general crisis of confidence in the ranks of the bourgeoisie internationally. The panic, which is reflected in the wild gyrations of the stock exchanges, has spread rapidly from Europe to America. It is a kind of deadly contagion that has infected all the euro zone’s big countries.

Marxism, the HST, and progressive taxation

A recent commentary piece by Matt Fodor, published in The Bullet, the e-paper of the Toronto group Socialist Project, raised an interesting issue that has been much debated within the workers’ movement—the role of taxation. Fodor argues that the manner in which the NDP is opposing the HST in BC and Ontario dovetails with the arguments of the right-wing—that taxes are evil and that this foments an “anti-tax sentiment among the general population.” Fodor argues that we should instead support the HST as a means for paying for more programs and services. Fightback believes that this is a dangerous idea that drives workers into the arms of right-wing populists.

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