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Marx Was Right!

The Communist Manifesto opens with the lines, "A spectre is haunting Europe." Over 160 years later it appears that the spectre of Marxism is as potent as ever, with supporters and detractors increasing daily. Why is it that an old German philosophy student, buried over 100 years ago in Highgate cemetery in London, excites such controversy? In fact, Marxism reveals the truth about their system, capitalism, and they must do whatever is necessary to hide this fact from the mass of the people —  especially the workers and youth.

Stop the corporatization of Pride!

The increasing commercialization of today’s Pride parades has corroded and concealed the political nature of Pride’s roots in commemorating the historic and heroic Stonewall riots of 1969, which was a response to the endemic police brutality and repression suffered by LGBTQ people. Pride has now regressed into little more than a giant party, with massive corporate sponsorship from TD, Trojan, and Pfizer.  There is nothing wrong with a great party—but when the party stops, LGBTQ youth and workers continue to be amongst the most oppressed layers of society. This is why we must link LGBTQ issues to the broader struggle for socialism—so we can celebrate our victories while continuing to fight for genuine liberation.

100 years after the Komagata Maru — the war on refugees continues

The 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru incident has brought into focus the history of Canada’s immigration policy. The anniversary of this mass deportation has been marked by coverage and specials in the mainstream press, by statements from politicians, as well as remembrance ceremonies, particularly in the Sikh-Canadian community. The same policies that caused the tragic events of 100 years ago are largely present today.

Toronto killer cop back on the job — Justice for Sammy Yatim now!

There has been a sense of outrage and betrayal with the news that Constable James Forcillo has returned to work for Toronto Police Services. Forcillo was responsible for the killing of 18-year old Sammy Yatim. The Syrian-Canadian youth was shot nine times and then tasered during a confrontation with police while he was isolated on a streetcar. The treatment of Forcillo stands in sharp contrast to the treatment meted out by the police in working-class communities in the city of Toronto. There is a feeling that there is one law for working people, and quite another for the police officers that are supposed to enforce the law.

Bread & Roses: The socialist origins of International Working Women’s Day

Over 100 years have passed since the first International Women’s Day was organized. Although International Women’s Day (IWD) has, in recent years, become an event that focuses on the celebration of women’s rights and achievements, the socialist origins of the IWD have become lesser known.

The life and times of Pete Seeger (1919-2014)

We lost a spirited voice of the oppressed and exploited on January 27, as Pete Seeger drew his last breath. Pete Seeger came of age at a time when popular music was gaining influence in a commodified form, as recording companies began to assert their dominance over popular culture. He played a central role in assuring that the experiences, hopes, and dreams of generations of working-class people were preserved and spread through the new mass media.

The possibilities of organizing at the high schools

To the casual observer, it may seem that organizing high school students is too difficult of a task. High school students are often portrayed as being apathetic and unaware of broader social issues. However, the experience of the author, a high school student in Toronto, shows that this is not the case. Just because high school students have yet to organize themselves does not mean that they are incapable of doing so.

Factory closures in Central Canada: Capitalism is a failed system

Another wave of factory closures across Ontario and Quebec reveal how capitalism is ultimately a failed system.  Despite millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies from government, ultimately paid by working-class people through their taxes, companies are pocketing all of this free money and still putting more people out of work, all for the benefit of making greater profit. Capitalism is a dead end; both governments and the leadership of the labour movement need to stop propping it up.

Unpaid internships: A modern form of slavery

As a generation of young students and workers look to enter an uncertain labour market, many are promised that internships are the answer to securing employment after graduation. Thousands of young people are pushed into accepting unpaid internships, convinced that this is the only way to gain the valuable work experience they need to advance in their field. However, the reality is that many of them are forced into long hours of doing menial tasks of little value to their education. In some cases this amounts to unpaid internships being used by employers to gain free labour with the promise of future careers that fail to materialize.

Support the New Brunswick Mi’kmaq anti-fracking protests

On Oct. 17 near Rexton, New Brunswick, over 75 RCMP officers clad in paramilitary regalia and armed with sniper rifles and canine units moved in to enforce a court injunction against the blockade erected by anti-shale gas protesters. The protesters were mainly indigenous peoples, primarily the Mi’kmaq of Elsipogtog, but also include the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), Acadian francophones, and anglophones, all united against SWN Resources Canada, which was conducting tests in the area. A standoff between the protesters and the police resulted in six torched RCMP vehicles and over 40 arrests.