Socialist Fightback Students hold successful conferences in Montreal on the fight against racism

Following the big demonstration on Nov. 12 against racism in Montreal, Socialist Fightback Students organized two public events on the topic of “The struggle against racism and the socialist revolution.” The first event was held at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) on Tuesday, Nov. 14 and drew out around 35 people. A similar number of people attended the same event in English at Concordia University on Thursday, Nov. 16. The two conferences were facilitated by Farshad Azadian, member of the editorial board of Fightback and a longtime activist.

100 years since October: We need a new revolution!

On November 7th 1917, the working class of Russia took power. For the first time in history, the socialist revolution was victorious. One hundred years later, as millions of youth all over the world are looking to fight against capitalism, the Russian revolution is a source of inexhaustible inspiration. We must study the lessons of the Russian revolution to prepare this struggle if we want to lead it to victory!

National Post Slanders Russian Revolution

In a largely substanceless piece filled with tired myths about the Soviet Union, Robert Fulford of the National Post puzzles over the fact that “smart people” continue to be drawn to communism. The following is a response to this.

Top 10 lies about the Bolshevik Revolution: parts one and two

No other event in human history has been the subject of more distortions, falsehoods and fabrications the Russian Revolution. We publish here Alex Grant's complete list of the 10 biggest downright lies about the Bolsheviks and October...

Sears Bankruptcy: Bosses bailed out while workers screwed over

sears closing bankruptOn October 13th, the Ontario supreme court of Justice authorized the liquidation of all of the 130 Sears stores in Canada. This announcement came after the executive chairman of Sears Canada said the buyout plan he was negotiating with a group of buyers was not going to work. Starting on October 19th, Sears will begin liquidating its stores, a process that will take between 10 to 14 weeks. 12,000 employees from all over the country will lose their jobs. These workers, who are not entitled to any compensation, will quickly find themselves empty-handed and forced to find a job in a precarious economy.

“Me too”: The pervasiveness of sexual violence against women under capitalism

#MeTooOver the past month over 50 women and counting have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. An investigation published by the New York Times at the beginning of October revealed that the co-founder of production company Miramax and well-known film producer has a long history of using his position of influence in the industry to get away with sexual harassment and assault.

Far right target socialists: Say no to intimidation!

The Nov. 8, 2016 presidential elections in the United States marked a turning point in world politics. The far right has been significantly emboldened by the victory of Donald Trump. The right-wing populism of Trump resulted in the strengthening of racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic ideas. Individuals and groups with far-right and fascist ideas have gained the confidence to organize more publicly and try to rally support behind their violent and poisonous program. This is a phenomenon that we are witnessing across the United States as well as Canada. The question arises, how do we defeat these far-right organizations?

Capitalism's Racism in Action: The Stockley Verdict in St. Louis

stlouis police riotsThree years ago, the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO brought to the surface the brutality faced by the black and poor population of the city of St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs. Now, the city finds itself in the news again with a murderous police officer at the center of the story.

Capitalism has failed: we need a revolution

capitalism has failed usThis year marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. This was the first time that the workers and peasants of a country had taken power, entered into battle with the ruling class and emerged victorious. A century later, the capitalists still find the need to condemn what unfolded in Russia. Their lackeys in the media remind us that "communism failed" so much that it resembles a broken record. The reason for this is simple: they are terrified that it will happen again.

Fire and Fury: the legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Nagasaki - September 1945Donald Trump’s latest threat, that North Korea would face “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if Kim Jong-Un’s regime persists in its aggressive rhetoric has sparked a frenzy of fear and speculation in the media over the possibility of this war of words turning into a full-fledged nuclear conflict.

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