Why Elon Musk Can’t Save Humanity

Though his fan base sees him as a superstar entrepreneur, Musk's pessimistic worldview reflects capitalism's historical impasse. Most saw this as a publicity stunt and a missed opportunity to gain further knowledge from the mission. However, despite years of missed deadlines and unsuccessful tests, the car is now on its way to the Mars orbit, Musk’s tribute to the alleged superiority of private sector innovation.

Socialist Fightback Students celebrates International Women's Day across the country

Women poses with Fightback journal during International Working Women's Day march

Once again this year, Socialist Fightback Students chapters enthusiastically celebrated International Women’s Day in several cities and drew the link between the fight for women’s emancipation and the need to overthrow capitalism. We held four public events attended by close to 140 people in three cities, where we discussed the origins of women’s oppression, the socialist roots of International Women’s Day, and the most effective way to fight oppression and achieve liberation. The success of our various events shows how more and more students, workers and youth are interested in class struggle methods to fight women’s oppression in society.

Fight Women’s Oppression, Fight Capitalism

All over the world the oppression of women is on the agenda. Today, International Women’s Day, a strike has been called in several countries and demonstrations, marches and meetings are taking place in many more.

Colten Boushie murder acquittal shows racism of Canadian justice system

The justice system has once again failed Indigenous people after a Saskatchewan jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of killing Colten Boushie of the Red Pheasant First Nation. Angry shouts of “Murderer!” echoed through the courtroom on Feb. 9 as the jury read their verdict, and this anger swept the whole nation overnight. Rallies were immediately held the following day in various cities, including Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and many others, drawing thousands of people.

The Sixties Scoop: Another crime against Indigenous people

In the next few months the Alberta NDP government, working with the Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta (SSISA), is hosting a series of consultations in different cities across Alberta. Some of the stated goals of these consultations are “to help shape how our government can apologize in a way that is meaningful and promotes healing” and “[to] gain a deeper understanding of how the Sixties Scoop affected people’s lives.”. This move in Alberta follows the recently settled class-action lawsuits that will see the federal government pay between $550 million to $850 million to survivors of the Sixties Scoop.

Why there is no "ethical consumption" under capitalism

the fairtrade logo 002 1 origFor the last couple of decades, topics like climate change, sweatshop labour and animal abuse have become hot-button issues in North America. In the 1990’s, stories emerged of billion dollar corporations like Nike, Apple, Nestle and Wal-Mart forcing workers to manufacture their products in sweatshops, terrifying consumers who hitherto had no knowledge of working conditions in the so-called “third world.” Additionally, information began to circulate on the truth about factory pollution and human-caused climate change, which for the first time made it a concern of those other than just scientists.  

Lack of affordable housing a symptom of capitalist crisis

housing crisis 600x320A recent RBC Economics report has shown that housing affordability in Canada has hit its worst level in decades. According to the report, becoming a homeowner is less affordable now than at any time since 1990. Driving this trend were two markets in particular: Vancouver and Toronto, cities which have become notorious as of late for their high costs of living and skyrocketing real estate valuations. In this article we look at the specific crisis of today’s housing market combined with the Marxist theoretical understanding of how housing fits into the crisis of capitalism.

Socialist Fightback Students hold successful conferences in Montreal on the fight against racism

Following the big demonstration on Nov. 12 against racism in Montreal, Socialist Fightback Students organized two public events on the topic of “The struggle against racism and the socialist revolution.” The first event was held at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) on Tuesday, Nov. 14 and drew out around 35 people. A similar number of people attended the same event in English at Concordia University on Thursday, Nov. 16. The two conferences were facilitated by Farshad Azadian, member of the editorial board of Fightback and a longtime activist.

100 years since October: We need a new revolution!

On November 7th 1917, the working class of Russia took power. For the first time in history, the socialist revolution was victorious. One hundred years later, as millions of youth all over the world are looking to fight against capitalism, the Russian revolution is a source of inexhaustible inspiration. We must study the lessons of the Russian revolution to prepare this struggle if we want to lead it to victory!

National Post Slanders Russian Revolution

In a largely substanceless piece filled with tired myths about the Soviet Union, Robert Fulford of the National Post puzzles over the fact that “smart people” continue to be drawn to communism. The following is a response to this.

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