Police Murder Provokes Riots in Montréal-Nord

For a week now, Montreal has been boiling with rage. The unprovoked murder of 18-year-old Freddy Villanueva, by agents of the Montreal Police Service, catalyzed an explosion that has been building for years. Within hours of Sunday’s killing, residents of the victim’s neighbourhood responded with a spontaneous march against the “assassin police.” Police attacks on the peaceful demonstrators sparked a riot - in which businesses were looted, cars and streets were doused in propane and set ablaze, and a police officer took a bullet in the leg.

14 Arrested at University of Toronto - Step up the fight for Free Education!

14 students at UofT, including Fightback supporters, have been arrested on false charges for fighting for free education. The charges include assaulting a police officer and forcible confinement, which could lead to serious jail time. The students have been released on strict bail conditions, which include not associating with each other outside of court and classes and not protesting anywhere on the University of Toronto Campus. These conditions clearly violate the Charter rights of the accused. The University is trying to crush this movement under repression before it takes off. Solidarity action is needed now!

Free the jailed KI First Nation protesters: Support the May 29th Native Day of Action

Chief Donny Morris and five other council members from Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) have been convicted with contempt for attempting to block uranium exploration by Platinex, a major mining company based in Toronto. This attack on working class natives is occurring in the run-up to the May 29th Native Day of Action. Last year, the event against native poverty roused road and rail blockades as well as large demonstrations – but this year the KI arrests are acting as a lightning rod to channel even more action around the country.

Protest Repression of Student Dissent at University of Toronto

For over a month, there has been a serious mobilization of students at the University of Toronto campus against a series of fee increases. On March 20th, campus police violently broke up a peaceful sit-in at Simcoe Hall, injuring several students. Now they are threatening the student protesters with discipline and maybe even expulsion. Fightback calls on our readers, allies and supporters to send letters of condemnation to the President of the University of Toronto, David Naylor.


The November 2007 Student Strike in Québec: A Marxist contribution

From November 14-16, 2007, more than 60,000 students across Quebec joined ASSÉ, the radical student union in the province, in 3-day strike. As the movement for free education develops in Quebec, Marxists work to build an anglophone wing of the movement - and bring class issues to the forefront.

90 Years Since Red October: Remembering the Russian Revolution

Today is the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution. In an attempt to bury the memory of that revolution, bourgeois writers and commentators have poured mountains of filth over it. The truth is that today's world is pregnant with revolution and the bourgeoisie fears that the lessons of October 1917 can be used by the workers and youth of today to put an end to this rotten system once and for all.

Canada’s Rising Dollar: The Hidden Cost

The Canadian dollar is now on par with the American dollar for the first time in over 30 years. Judging from the media, it would seem like every Canadian has somehow magically become richer overnight and it is now time to do some big spending. But before you start throwing around your strong Canadian currency, take some time to ponder about how the strengthening of the dollar is really affecting things.

Forty years since the death of Che Guevara – Part Two

Che Guevara was a dedicated revolutionary and Communist. He was also an internationalist and understood that to defend the Cuban revolution it was necessary to spread it to other parts of the world. He attempted this in Africa and Latin America. This was his strong side. His weak side was that he saw the revolution fundamentally as a peasant guerrilla struggle and did not fully understand the central role of the working class in the socialist revolution.

Forty years since the death of Che Guevara – Part One

Ernesto (“Che”) Guevara was executed by Bolivian troops near the town of La Higuera on 9 October 1967, following an ambush. The operation was planned by the CIA and organized by US Special Forces. On the 40th anniversary of his death it is appropriate that we make a balance sheet of this outstanding revolutionary and martyr. Alan Woods in a two-part article looks at the evolution of Che Guevara from his early days to the day he was killed.
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