Greyhound Canada threatens to cut bus routes

In early September, Greyhound Canada announced a plan to cut its bus services in Manitoba and north-western Ontario, unless the federal government subsidized them with an additional $15 million.  Greyhound Canada already receives subsidies from the government on the condition that it services the less profitable routes. But now, the company is claiming that it is not making enough profits from running these routes. Greyhound claims that it has been hit by the crisis and needs a “bail-out.”

Capitalism Versus Science

We are constantly bombarded with the myth that capitalism drives innovation, technology, and scientific advancement. We are told that competition, combined with the profit motive, pushes science to new frontiers and gives big corporations incentive to invent new medicines, drugs, and treatments. The free market, we are told, is the greatest motivator for human advance. But in fact, the precise opposite is true. Patents, profits, and private ownership of the means of production are actually the greatest fetters science has known in recent history. Capitalism is holding back every aspect of human development, and science and technology is no exception.

Canadian household debt reaches record numbers -- Headed for crash

New numbers about personal debt loads have come out and they point towards an impending economic catastrophe in Canada. Many politicians and economists eagerly tell the public that Canada has come through the worst of the recession and the economy will be rebounding very soon. But, the numbers tell a different story. Canada, so far, has been hit hard by the fallout of the global recession with exports of manufactured goods plummeting, but until this point the domestic markets have remained strong. This is about to change.

Winnipeg 1919: 90 years after the general strike

In May and June of 1919, workers in Winnipeg fought the bosses to win union rights. In doing so, they challenged the very authority of the capitalist state to run society. Today, the corporate media and the creators of public opinion try to present Canada as a peaceful land where class struggle has played no role. The fact is that workers in the past have fought, and even died, to gain their rights and will do so again in the future. 90 years later, the events of Winnipeg provide a heroic example and a wealth of lessons for today’s working class militants fighting against a new capitalist crisis.

Ruby Dhalla: This is what Liberal feminism looks like

As women, feminists tell us that we live in a society where men oppress us, and thus, in order to get ahead in life, we need to unite with other women to break free of the shackles that men have placed upon us.  This logic presupposes that men are the ultimate oppressor, and that all women have the same interests at heart.  However, with the Ruby Dhalla controversy, women must ask themselves how it is that a woman can oppress other women, and if so, do all women have the same interests at heart?

Stop University of Toronto attacks on working students -- for free education now!

The University of Toronto has recently passed a plan to begin charging all students a flat fee, regardless of the number of courses they take.  This is yet another attack on students' ability to get themselves an education.  Students and student groups need to unite to fight back against these attacks, and push forward for a campaign for free education.

Conservatives carry out largest workplace raids in Canadian history

The media love to portray Canada as a country that welcomes all immigrants and gives them an opportunity to succeed.  The truth, however, is that as many as 500,000 live and work without "legal" status in Canada, meaning that they are subjected to even more abuse and exploitation than other workers.  In addition to this, they are under constant threat of being arrested and deported, such as with the Conservatives' recent raids.

UQÀM teachers on strike, students follow suit in support

On March 16th approximately 1000 teachers at UQÀM (University of Quebec at Montreal) went on strike. Their modest demands for better salaries and extra teaching staff has proven to be too much for the administration, the government, and the capitalist system. The resolve of the teachers is strong as they have repeatedly voted 90% and over to remain on strike and the majority of the students at the University are striking in solidarity. In the face of the global economic crisis the teachers and students at UQÀM are standing up and fighting back.

Housing for Profit or Homes for All?

On Saturday, April 4 2009, thousands of people from communities across BC will come together to demand immediate government action to end homelessness, build social housing, protect rental housing and raise welfare and minimum wage rates. Fightback will be joining this rally to demand "Homes For All" and a socialist solution to the housing crisis.

[Audio] Trotsky's Writings of the 1930's

At a recent meeting of the International Marxist Tendency in Canada, Alex Grant, editor of Fightback magazine, speaks on the writings of Trotsky in the 1930's. This period, encompassing the Great Depression and mass revolutionary movements, is a goldmine of ideas for today's youth and working class activists. Grant gives an overview of the flavour of Trotsky's writings of the period in order to encourage further reading and study.

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