For the Fifth International

The call issued by President Chavez to set up a new revolutionary international, the Fifth International, has provoked a passionate discussion in the ranks of the workers’ movement in Latin America and on a world scale. It is impossible for Marxists to remain indifferent to this question. What attitude should we take towards it?

Women’s struggle and the class struggle

One hundred years ago today, 99 women from 17 different countries attended the Socialist Women's Conference held in Copenhagen in the House of the People. In this first part, we look at the origins of Women's Day, the origin of women's oppression in class society, how capitalism lays the material foundations upon which the question of women's emancipation can be tackled as part of the struggle of the working class for the emancipation of the whole of humanity from class oppression.

"International Working Women's Day" -- by V.I. Lenin

This weekend marks International Women's Day, one of the most important dates for revolutionaries.  To celebrate this date, and to remind everyone of the revolutionary significance of this day, we publish here an address by Lenin, where he talks about the struggle against women's oppression and how this struggle was tied to the struggle against capitalism.

Bolshevism and Stalinism

An avalanche of books has recently been published to discredit Lenin, Trotsky and the Russian Revolution. First and foremost of these writers is Professor Robert Service. The aim of his latest book on Trotsky is to prove that Bolshevism leads to Stalinism and totalitarianism. Here Rob Sewell sets the record straight and explains the huge gulf that divided genuine Bolshevism from the monster of Stalinism that was built on the physical destruction of the Bolshevik party.

Defending the “victims of Communism”, or defending the crimes of capitalism?

During a meeting on 10th September, the Board of Directors of the National Capital Commission granted its approval to erect a monument to the victims of "Communism". As Marxists, we are very much aware of the horrible crimes that were committed by Stalinists all over the world. But, those crimes were not the actions of communism, but rather the despicable crimes of a totalitarian bureaucracy that arose because of the isolation and backward conditions that existed in the Soviet Union. We think that it is no coincidence that the government has chosen this time, in the middle of the capitalist crisis, to once again attempt to discredit the ideas of Marxism.

Quebec Liberals attack the CEGEP system: Defend free education!

Unlike the rest of North America, the Quebec working class was able to win the right to free education in the 1960s.  The CEGEP system was created by mass mobilizations of the labour unions. The unions demanded education and training be made accessible to their children and they won this from the government and the system. This social gain is something that needs to be defended against all attacks from the capitalists who seek to profit from the education system.

20 Years Later: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Twenty years ago as the Berlin Wall came tumbling down the bourgeoisie in the west was euphoric, rejoicing at the “fall of communism”. Twenty years later things look very different as capitalism has entered its most severe crisis since 1929. Now a majority in former East Germany votes for the left and harks back to what was positive about the planned economy. After rejecting Stalinism, they have now had a taste of capitalism, and the conclusion drawn is that socialism is better than capitalism.

McGill University demands its workers and students to pay for the crisis

The financial press tells us that the economy is now recovering from the financial crisis. However, this doesn’t mean that the effect of the financial crisis is over for workers. Countries all over the world have poured in trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to prop the failing capitalist economy, creating the biggest state deficit in history. This will translate into vicious cuts in many sectors, including post-secondary education.

Revenue from tuition fees to pass corporate taxes in BC by 2011

With each year that passes under Liberal rule, another several layers of bricks are added to the financial wall separating working class youth from British Columbia’s colleges and universities. As part of a recently released three year fiscal plan, the B.C. government announced the stunning projection that by 2011 it will receive more revenue from tuition fees ($1.11 billion) than from corporate income taxes ($1.04 billion). This report confirms the government’s plan to further deepen a trend that has seen colleges and universities become increasingly inaccessible to working class students.

Review of Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story"

A year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers set off a financial avalanche, the US economy remains in a mess. Official unemployment is steadily creeping toward 10%. The total number of job losses since the recession began two years ago is now nearly 7 million. Health care remains the number one issue facing working Americans, as the average premium for family health insurance offered through an employer surpassed the $13,000 mark this year, far outpacing increases in wages and inflation. It is against this volatile background that Michael Moore premieres his latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story. The fact that a film with such broad distribution even openly calls out the system by name is a tremendous step forward, a reflection of how far Americans’ consciousness has come since the dark days of September 2001.

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