System change, not climate change: Fight for socialism to avert environmental catastrophe!

Many climate march protestorsWorkers and youth around the world are taking to the streets to demand action and system change to avert environmental catastrophe. Perhaps the most significant is the “Fridays for Future” or “School Strike for Climate” movement taking place across the globe. This movement was founded by a young Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, who began protesting outside of the Swedish parliament during school hours in August of 2018. Within months large solidarity rallies had been organized by students around the world. Significantly, on March 15, 2019 the Global Strike for the Future saw 1.4 million students from 125 countries around the world walk out of school to march and demonstrate, demanding government action on the climate crisis.

Winnipeg 1919: 100 years after the general strike

Winnipeg StrikeIn May and June of 1919, workers in Winnipeg fought the bosses to win union rights. In doing so, they challenged the very authority of the capitalist state to run society. Today, the corporate media and the creators of public opinion try to present Canada as a peaceful land where class struggle has played no role. The fact is that workers in the past have fought, and even died, to gain their rights and will do so again in the future.

The role of Trotskyists in the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters’ strike

Battle in the 1934 Minneapolis  StrikeFrom May to August of 1934, Minneapolis was rocked by a strike that would forever change the course of U.S. labour history. This was the strike of Teamsters Local 574, a union led by Trotskyists. Many of the best techniques used by organized labour today find their origins in the Minneapolis Strike, in particular the flying picket. However, the strike's greatest conquest was in laying the foundations for industrial unionism in North America, leading to the formation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the following years. Above all, the Minneapolis Strike demonstrated the role played by the young forces of American Trotskyism in o

Budget 2019: Wheels coming off the Liberal cart

Justin Trudeau and Bill MorneauCanada’s scandal-plagued Liberal Trudeau government delivered its fourth and possibly final budget on Tuesday.

The new budget retains the soft language (the word “gender” features more than 250 times) and talk about helping the disadvantaged that marked previous budgets. But looking at the numbers, this budget has very little to offer the working class.

In fact, the budget is part of a larger pattern that marks a government in crisis, one desperately spinning to try and distract from the SNC-Lavalin scandal and the general feeling of social malaise.

737 MAX scandal: Boeing putting profits before safety

airplaneBoeing is in trouble. The American aviation giant finds itself in the middle of a storm that has culminated in the worldwide grounding of its latest aircraft model, the 737 MAX. There is an emerging picture of a major manufacturer botching a new aircraft design, with more than 300 people dead as a result. This follows two fatal accidents in the space of five months that seem to have occurred under similar circumstances.

Lies, damned lies and Netflix: the character assassination of Leon Trotsky

TrotskyTitleTrotsky, a recent Netflix series produced by Russian state television, is a scandalous misrepresentation of both Trotsky’s life and the October Revolution. Alan Woods and Josh Holroyd respond to this insulting portrayal of Trotsky and the Bolsheviks’ legacy.

Kollontai, Zetkin, and Luxemburg: Marxists and the emancipation of women

Luxemburg, Zetkin, and KollontaiThe last few years have seen a revival of the fight against the oppression of women on an international scale. Movements for the right to abortion in Ireland, Argentina and Poland; the global women’s march against Trump; and the feminist strike in Spain: a new generation is entering the political arena to fight against the inequalities and violence women still face. 

Trotsky’s suppressed letter: an introduction by Alan Woods

Trotsky's Suppressed LetterIt is a well-known fact that accident can play a considerable role in both history and the lives of individuals. In the course of my life I have observed many accidents and extraordinary coincidences. But I have never experienced such a unique and unforeseeable concatenation of circumstances as that which I am about to relate here.

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