No Coalition Resolutions

The NDP-Liberal coalition is on its last legs but unfortunately the NDP leadership will not recognize what a disaster it has been. Here are three resolutions to highlight the issue of the coalition. Please forward these resolutions widely and pass them at your riding association, youth/student group, union local, etc. Moving these resolutions is an excellent way to make it clear that there is no unanimous support for the leadership's actions amongst the rank-and-file.

NDP Québec Calls for Nationalization of Oil and Gas

NDP-Québec held its congress in Villeray, in Montréal, on November 15th and 16th. Approximately 200 delegates attended. Trade union representatives made important advances during this congress and delegates voted to support nationalization in the oil and gas sector.
Note: This congress occurred before the present coalition crisis.

Letter Writing Campaign: No NDP-Liberal Coalition!

We encourage all of our readers to act now and send letters to Jack Layton and the Federal NDP saying, “Defeat the Conservatives, no Liberal-NDP Coalition!” Those who go on record as being opposed to this alliance now will be shown to have taken the correct stance as the economic crisis worsens. The NDP must not act as a left screen for Liberal attacks.

Defeat the Conservatives, no Liberal-NDP Coalition!

With the financial crisis as a backdrop, Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government may not survive another week. Less than two months after the last election the government is facing a confidence vote on its budget update and all three opposition parties say they will vote against. Rumours are rife of a Liberal-NDP coalition to replace the Conservatives. The Conservatives must be defeated, but there can be no coalition with the bosses’ parties.

Fightback Resolutions for Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention

Supporters of Fightback are proposing the following resolutions at this weekend's Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention, Nov 21-23. We believe that these resolutions should form the basis for a socialist platform for the NDP. The world financial system is in crisis, proving that capitalism does not work for working families. Now is the time to put forward a bold socialist vision to save jobs and build a just society. Don’t let anybody tell you it can’t be done!

NDP Youth: Socialism and Activism Needed

The Ontario New Democratic Youth (ONDY) will be holding its annual convention in Toronto from the 21st to the 23rd of November. As the world watches the capitalist system enter its latest and most dire crisis, this conference will have increased importance for the future of the ONDY and the NDP.

BC NDP’s Affirmative Action Policy - No band-aid solution for women's emancipation

The British Columbia New Democratic Party recently voted at its November convention to introduce a new affirmative action policy for candidate nominations. However, if we want to do away with inequality we need to have a clear understanding of where it comes from and why it exists. There are no shortcuts or band-aid solutions to the numerous problems of the capitalist world. As is generally the case, this bureaucratic attempt to impose an artificial solution will do more harm than good.

BC NDP Convention: Socialist Policies the Only Way Forward

As the BC NDP convention opens, many supporters are wondering what has become of their party. The NDP is slumping in the polls and the stress is starting to show. All the while, the working class is noticeably absent from NDP policy and NDP meetings. With delegate fees to convention costing several hundred dollars, it is easy to see why. The BC NDP has never been so far from its roots – both its grassroots and its historical roots. Only bold socialist policies that answer the problems of every day people can turn the situation around.

NDP Youth need Socialism and Activism

On the weekend of October 26-28, the Ontario New Democratic Youth (ONDY) will be having their convention in Toronto. Coming after the failure of the NDP to make significant gains in the Ontario election, this convention marks an important opportunity for the youth to take stock of recent events and work out an action plan for the future. Fightback activists will be working hard at this convention to ensure that NDP youth adopt socialist policies that can unite working class youth and students in militant activism. These are the only policies that can build a strong ONDY that can act as a lever to turn the NDP away from narrow parliamentarism and towards becoming a mass movement.

NDP Landslide Victory in Outremont – Just don’t mention the war!

Last night the Federal New Democratic Party celebrated a historic win in the Outremont by-election. In what was one of the safest Liberal seats in Quebec, the by-election victory was not even close, with the NDP winning 48% to the Liberals 29%. The NDP’s opposition to the war in Afghanistan was a key issue in this election—an issue that helped them to sway the vote away from the Liberals. However, if you want an explanation for this victory, do not look to the corporate media. They are obsessed with personalities rather than politics and they have all agreed on one thing, “Don’t mention the war!”