Air Canada breaks promise to workers

Even as it enjoys a new wave of growth and prosperity, Canadian airline giant Air Canada has launched another in a series of attacks on its workers. Breaking a promise made earlier this year, the company announced that it will dramatically increase executive compensation, while simultaneously refusing to negotiate with pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance workers who have borne the brunt of Air Canada's supposed financial difficulties.

Civil Liberties Trashed at the G20: Join the Fight Back!

In order to protect the elite, the democratic rights of every Torontonian were violated. The G20 met to discuss how to make the vast majority pay for the financial crisis created by the banks and corporations. To perpetrate this theft of wealth from the poor to the rich, they spent $1.3-billion to hire armed goons—money that could be far better spent on social services. This is just the beginning of a systematic attack on the democratic rights to free assembly, free association, and free speech, aimed against working people trying to defend their standard of living.

Solidarity appeal - Student journalist killed in Erbil, Iraq

The body of Zardasht Osman, a 23 year old University student was dumped in front of the offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Mosul (about 50 km west of Erbil) on Wednesday, May 5. Zardasht had been tortured, before being executed with two gunshots to the head. Please add your name to the protest!

Hamilton May Day shows fighting spirit of Ontario workers

In the past, May Day was largely ignored by the labour movement’s calendar in English-speaking Canada. However, this year was different, particularly in Hamilton, ON; United Steelworkers (USW) Local 1005 hosted a major May Day rally that attracted between 1,000-1,500 trade unionists from all across Ontario. The fact that the tradition of May Day has been resurrected for the Ontario labour movement is indicative of a growing militancy of the organized working-class in this part of Canada.

Sears Canada lock-out: Workers fight against union-busting

On 27th April, a group of young workers, members of the Toronto Young New Democrats and supporters of Fightback, traveled to the City of Vaughan, Ontario to visit a large warehouse and loading yard owned by retail giant Sears Canada Inc. The warehouse workers, members of United Steelworkers Local 9537, have been locked-out since 1st April.  The purpose of the lock-out is to break the union and to send a message to other organized warehouses that they are next.

Brazil: Support the Flaskô workers!

Flaskô is the last surviving factory of the Occupied Factories Movement of Brazil, after the heavy police intervention put an end to the almost five-year occupation at Cipla and Interfibra. The workforce has been demanding that the Lula government nationalises the plant, but with no serious reply. We call on our readers to urgently send to the Brazilian authorities resolutions supporting the Flaskô workers, with the following basic content.

Lockout at the Journal de Montréal: Workers fight back against Quebecor

The 24th January marked the one-year anniversary of the lockout at the Journal de Montreal newspaper. The 253 members of the reporting and office staff were locked out after a contract dispute over salary, benefits, and media convergence. The issue of media convergence is one that the union has been fighting against.

Defend Toronto transit workers’ right to strike!

These days, it seems that not a week goes by without Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty threatening workers with some new cut or attack. His latest volley is aimed squarely at the workers of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) who have been the most successful in fending off attacks from the bosses and the government.

Defend Montreal oil workers! Stop the closure of the Shell refinery!

On 7th January, Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced its plans to shut down its refinery in East Montreal. Shell intends to transform the refinery, which currently produces 130,000 barrels a day, into a fuel terminal. The conversion will take roughly a year according to a spokesperson for the company. After the conversion, the Montreal East facility will receive gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel (most likely from Europe), which will continue to be distributed through Shell's nearby terminal in Montreal. This would be the second major oil refinery in Canada to close after Petro Canada shut down their Oakville refinery in 2005. The union that represents workers at the Shell refinery has already sounded the alarm that the company is trying to close down the plant in July.

Vale/Inco strike in Sudbury continues

The Vale/Inco strike is entering its fifth month with no end in sight. Despite the efforts of the corporate press to attack the striking workers, community support for the strikers remains strong. By fighting back and winning support from the community these workers are showing that there is another option to capitalism’s race to the bottom.