Fightback supports #OccupyToronto: We say, "Nationalize the banks!"

Fightback, the Marxists in Canada, wholeheartedly support the #occupy movement, and will do whatever we can to promote and spread it. Our comrades in the United States, organized in the Workers International League, are already active participants in New York and other major cities where the movement has spread. In Canada, we are doing our part in Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and especially Toronto -- the heart of Canadian finance capital. The key step for this movement is to take it from the street to the wider working class and labour movement. Not a light shines, not a wheel turns, without the permission of the working class; if we can mobilize working people we will win the power to overcome the corporations.

Air Canada and the fight against "back-to-work" legislation

The recent labour dispute between flight attendants and Air Canada management, ending under threat of “back-to-work” legislation, highlights that the democratic right to strike is under serious threat. The right to withdraw one’s labour is an essential component of the right of freedom of association for workers; without this right, workers and their unions have little ability to negotiate decent working conditions. The use of back-to-work legislation effectively means that no workers have the right to strike without government approval. Especially with a Harper majority government, this tool can be pulled out haphazardly as the Conservatives fight to protect the interests of big business in Canada at the expense of workers.

Couche-Tard, Not your average mom-and-pop convenience stores

For decades, the workers of Couche-Tard had been a raw material for exploitation because they did not have a union. Minimum wage, non-existent job security, belligerent management, very little benefits and vacation time - these are the conditions faced by Couche-Tard workers, the majority of whom depend on this job as their sole income. But enough is enough. Couche-Tard workers are now taking a bold decision to organize, and because of this they are being punished by their employer.

Canada Post and Air Canada strikes: Workers' rights stripped to protect profits

The austerity has begun, and workers are the main target. The new Conservative majority government is showing us that all democratic rights and freedoms will be trampled if corporate profits are threatened. Conservative Labour minister Lisa Raitt has stated that she is prepared to put an end to workers’ democratic right to negotiate a new contract and better working conditions by legislating Air Canada and Canada Post workers back to work.

Air Canada workers forced to strike to defend pensions and wages

As of Tuesday morning, nearly 4,000 customer service workers at Air Canada went on strike.  Unionized under the Canadian Autoworkers (CAW), the Air Canada workers are one of four unions currently fighting for better wages and to defend their pension rights from the company.  Since 2004, workers at Air Canada have had their wages frozen (an effective 10% wage cut) while the airline and its executive collect massive profits.

Fightback supports the struggle of Canada Post workers

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is set to strike as of 11:59pm on Thursday.  CUPW workers are the first in line to have to fight back against Stephen Harper's austerity agenda.  Fightback offers our complete support to the Canada Post workers in their fight for better living conditions.  At our recent national conference, Fightback supporters unanimously adopted the following message of solidarity.

Postal workers prepare for the picket lines

The election of a Conservative majority government in Canada is a turning point for the Canadian labour movement. Until now, Canada has mostly avoided the kind of austerity program being forced upon the rest of the world. This is certain to change now that Stephen Harper has gained a majority. The first attack will be against members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). The militant traditions of CUPW make us a prime target for Harper’s first battle.

Lock-out at Moosehead Breweries: Defend workers' pensions!

As this article is being written, workers at Moosehead Breweries in Saint John have been locked out since 20th February. The central issue in this dispute are the workers’ retirement, health, and dental benefits plan. Under the previous, expired collective agreement signed with Local 362 of the New Brunswick Union (NBU), the company paid 100% of the costs of the benefits programs. Moosehead workers fought hard for this gain and have enjoyed it for 30 years. Now, the company is demanding that workers pay 30 percent of these costs after retirement.

Canadian postal workers prepare for battle

Across the country, members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) are preparing to hit the picket line. Strike committees are being assembled; picket signs are being printed; picket captains are being recruited and trained; activists are holding shop-floor meetings; demonstrations are being held — and we haven’t even taken a strike-vote, yet! Canada Post has been preparing for this fight for years. They have presented the most regressive package of demands we have seen in a generation and they’re counting on Stephen Harper to ram them through.

Labour movement shows solidarity at The People vs. US Steel rally in Hamilton

On January 29, thousands of people gathered in solidarity with the 900 locked-out steelworkers and 9,000 pensioners from Hamilton’s US Steel plant. Trade unionists and supporters bussed into Hamilton from across the region, with some coming from as far away as Quebec. United Steelworkers (USW) Local 1005, which represents the US Steel workers and pensioners, had been organizing towards this event, called The People vs. US Steel, since they were locked out on 7th November of last year; since the lockout began, the local had built up support both in Hamilton and the wider labour movement by holding numerous public events leading up to the rally.