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Pakistan: The assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide bomb attack. The leader of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) had just addressed a rally of PPP supporters in the town of Rawalpindi when the attack took place. First reports talked of at least 100 killed in the attack, but more recent news put the figure at 15. This murderous onslaught on the PPP came in the middle of an election campaign where, after years of military dictatorship, the masses were striving for a change.

Musharraf takes off his uniform: Pakistan enters a new phase of the class struggle

Events in Pakistan are moving fast. Yesterday General Musharraf quit as army chief, and was hastily sworn as president on the same day. The general hopes that in this way he will win respectability in the run-up to the election promised for January 8. This sets the stage for a big shift in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Comrade Manzoor Ahmed released!

Comrade Manzoor Ahmed, the Marxist MP in Pakistan, was released from the Central Jail of Gujranwala this morning. He is now leading a jubilant caravan of supporters back to his hometown of Kasur.

URGENT: Comrade Manzoor arrested!

Comrade Manzoor was arrested on a demonstration this morning, after leading many demonstrations throughout the Punjab. We have just received this message from Pakistan. Comrade Manzoor Ahmed, the Marxist MP is also president of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign.

Manzoor Ahmed’s message from a police cell - To the workers of the world

Immediately upon being informed of Manzoor’s arrest, comrades of rang the comrades in Lahore. Whether through the inefficiency of the police, or because they were overwhelmed by the large number of arrests, they forgot to confiscate Manzoor’s mobile phone. Comrade Alan Woods was therefore able to speak to him in his cell, from which he delivered an inspiring message for the workers of the world, which we publish here.

Pakistan - Which way forward?

Musharraf's hold on power hangs by a thread. With pressure on all sides he has very few options and the crisis continues to mount. The pressure on the masses continues to grow, and they can stand no more. The only way out of the situation, the only forward, is socialist revolution.

Manzoor Ahmed leads massive rally in Kasur to demand that Bhutto calls a 24-hour general strike

We have just received this report of a rally in Kasur led by Manzoor Ahmed, the Marxist MP in Pakistan. The police baton-charged the rally and attempted to arrest Manzoor but the demonstrators protected him and helped him get away. But hundreds of PPP and PTUDC activists were arrested. We will keep our readers updated as we get the news.

PTUDC members arrested in struggle against the imposition of emergency rule by Musharraf

We have just received the news that Chaudhary Munir Ahmed, a member of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and younger brother of Manzoor Ahmed, Member of Parliament and President of the PTUDC, has been arrested together with some labour activists and leaders involved in the PTUDC together with other lawyers. We need to raise as wide a campaign as possible in their defence.

Emergency in Pakistan - masses will answer by preparing Revolution

There is much talk in the media about the various factors that have led General Musharaff to impose an Emergency in Pakistan. One very important factor that they all seem to conveniently ignore is the rising mood of trade union and working class militancy. This is taking place as the Pakistani economy plunges into the deepest crisis in its history. The scene is being prepared for an almighty workers' backlash.