Tamil Eelam: Self-determination and socialism in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government, along with the bourgeois press, is loudly celebrating the apparent defeat of the Tamil Tigers and their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. The government is saying that the long civil war in Sri Lanka that has killed as many as 80,000 people is finally over and that peace and prosperity can finally return to Sri Lanka’s people, including its Tamil population. Many Tamils, rightfully, feel that this is not the case – especially in the context of the present world economic crisis - and that their situation in Sri Lanka will not improve.

The Afghan War - $18-billion buys defeat

In the first week of October, a British commander declared that the war in Afghanistan cannot be won. At the same time it was revealed that instead of costing $8-billion, the war was going to cost the Canadian taxpayer $18-billion - money that could be spent on free education, a national childcare program, or to protect jobs. Now is time to bring the troops home.

Afghanistan: Taliban Resurgent - The Kandahar prison-break and the NATO Occupation

On June 13th, Taliban fighters launched a large-scale raid on Kandahar prison. Nearly 1,200 prisoners, including 400 Taliban insurgents, were freed. Taliban forces then captured 7 towns and villages in the Arghandab region of Kandahar province. Although NATO forces subsequently regained control, these events highlight the real situation in Afghanistan, one where the Taliban are getting stronger, not weaker.

Pakistan elections: The Mother of all Frauds

Before the results had come in, President Musharraf appeared on the state-run Pakistan Television, calling the vote "the voice of the nation" and the "mother of elections" must be accepted. But in fact this was the Mother of all Frauds.

Pakistan Elections - class contradictions sharpening as the election campaign heats up

We are in the final stages of the election campaign in Pakistan. The masses are clearly backing the PPP in large numbers. Reaction is also preparing. Blatant rigging cannot be ruled out, but this would only serve to enrage the masses. In this context the Marxists are standing in several constituencies, where they are running a revolutionary election campaign that is having a big impact among the workers and poor.

Support for the PTUDC in Montreal

At a recent meeting of Bloquez l'Empire/Block the Empire-Montreal (BLEM) in Montreal a resolution of support for the PTUDC was passed (in French and English).

Elections in Pakistan 2008 - Support socialist candidates

Dear comrades and friends,

After many hesitations and delays, not least because of the brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto and hundreds of her supporters, the Pakistani parliamentary elections are scheduled to go ahead on 18 February. These elections are different to any other ever held in Pakistan. We have received an appeal by three candidates who are sponsored by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and are standing on a clear socialist program.

Pakistan: Government covers up the crime - masses demand action against conspirators

The murder of Benazir Bhutto has led to an explosion of popular anger. Pakistan is convulsed by rioting and mass protests. Society has been stirred up to the depths. Raw human emotion has spilled over onto the streets of every city, town and village. The army and police are powerless to halt the tide of indignation. The government is shaken to the core.

Leaflet of the Pakistani comrades

The following leaflet of the Pakistani comrades of The Struggle was distributed on a grand scale in which they demand an end of the cruel capitalist system, its cruel institutions, imperialist hegemony, and religious terrorism.

Pakistan: The assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide bomb attack. The leader of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) had just addressed a rally of PPP supporters in the town of Rawalpindi when the attack took place. First reports talked of at least 100 killed in the attack, but more recent news put the figure at 15. This murderous onslaught on the PPP came in the middle of an election campaign where, after years of military dictatorship, the masses were striving for a change.