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Alan Woods speaks about relevance of Marxism at York University

More than 40 people packed a room in the Student Centre at York University for a discussion forum led by prominent Marxist thinker and writer, Alan Woods, on Friday Oct. 26.  The event was the first on the North American tour for Alan Woods, whose Canadian leg was organized by Fightback and the Tendance Marxiste Internationale in Quebec.

Marxists of Iran and Canada condemn shutting down of Iranian embassy by Canada’s government

On Friday, 7th September, Canada’s Conservative government announced that Canada has closed its embassy in Iran and expelled Iranian diplomats from Canada. This latest act by the Canadian government, rightly described as “bizarre” by many commentators, comes after a recent history of aggressive behaviour towards Iran.  The Marxists of Iran and Canada are issuing this joint statement to condemn this latest round of aggression by the Canadian government.

Alan Woods North American speaking tour: Canadian leg

Fightback, the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign, and the International Marxist Tendency in Quebec, are very proud to announce the Canadian leg of leading Marxist thinker Alan Woods' North American speaking tour -- coming to central Canada at the end of October.  Alan is a well-published author on many subjects, and a prominent defender of the Venezuelan Revolution.  In Dec. 2010, Canada's Globe and Mail labelled him, "Hugo Chavez's Trotskyist adviser."  This will be Alan's first speaking tour of North America.

XII Canadian Marxist Conference held amidst largest mass movements in Canadian history

In what has become a May-long-weekend tradition, about 50 Marxist supporters travelled to Toronto for the 12th national conference of the Canadian Marxists of Fightback and La Riposte.  As in previous years, the Marxists met to discuss the world situation and how to best intervene in the increasing number of movements against capitalism; but, what made this conference different from that of years past was the fact that it was being held at the same time as the largest mass movement in Canadian history.

Successful meeting in Montreal with leading Marxist, Fred Weston

As part of his speaking tour through central Canada, Fred Weston, the managing editor of In Defence of Marxism, stopped off in Montreal to speak to a francophone audience about the European crisis.  The event was held at the central offices of the CSN trade union federation in Montreal, and was held in the midst of the largest mass movement in Canadian history.  Fred's talk aimed to bring home the experiences from Europe to the struggles faced by workers in Quebec and the rest of Canada.