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Marxist Winter School 2014 — Montreal

Last year, we saw a continuation of the revolutionary process of social upheaval all around the world. From Turkey to Brazil, from Egypt to Greece, people take to the streets searching for a way out as capitalism offers no future. As workers and youth search for answers to the problems they are now confronted with, we announce the fourth annual Northeast Marxist Winter School, which will be held in Montreal, Quebec on the weekend of February 15-16. The aim of this school is to arm activists with Marxist ideas for the struggles to come.

Help us hire a Montreal Marxist organizer!

Young people, students, trade unionists, and all those wanting to fight the system, looked with inspiration to the struggle of the Quebec students in 2012. Hundreds of thousands came out on the streets to oppose austerity. In the aftermath of this movement, thousands more are looking for an answer to the global crisis of capitalism. There is a ferment and questioning amongst the youth who are looking for clear ideas. In this context Marxism can make a rapid advance, and indeed has been advancing, especially on university campuses. In order to promote and consolidate this advance, Fightback — united with our French-language sister paper La Riposte — is launching a campaign to hire a Marxist organizer in Montreal.

Toronto: Crowd of 60 gather to discuss imperialism's threats in Syria

An enthusiastic crowd of over 60 people recently gathered at the University of Toronto for a discussion on the threat of imperialist attacks in Syria. The event was a culmination of frosh activity at both Ryerson University and UofT where many students expressed an interest of finding out the reasons for imperialism's threats against the Syrian population, as well as the roots of the current situation in the county.

Toronto: Solidarity protest with the second wave of the Egyptian revolution

On Sunday, 30th June, approximately 400 demonstrators came together at Queen’s Park in Toronto to rally in solidarity with mass protests in Egypt against President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hostility towards Morsi was apparent at the rally, as chants and signs depicted the deep resentment that Egyptians have for the current government.

Toronto: Nearly 100 gather to discuss the mass movement in Turkey

More than 90 people packed a room at the University of Toronto on Fri. Jun. 14 to listen to an eyewitness account of the mass movement in Turkey, as well as discuss the revolutionary perspectives for Turkey. Co-organized by Fightback and the "Canada Student Collective in Solidarity With Protesters in Turkey", the event brought out a wide cross-section of workers, students, and youth, revealing the great interest and enthusiasm that exists for the movement in Turkey.