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Underfunded services impact Toronto workers

John Tory Presents 2017 BudgetThe city of Toronto continues to face crippling erosion of its much needed social services. This has been shown by the Toronto municipal budget. The budget reveals cuts at the expense of the city’s most vulnerable. Under the mantra of “keeping taxes low”, the city council instead decided to cut public jobs and services which impact the working people of the city.

The brewing crisis in the Parti Quebecois

Jean Francois LiseeSince last May, five polls have placed the Parti Quebecois (PQ) in third place behind the Liberal Party of Quebec as well as the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ). In addition, the party is now second place among francophones and is no longer first in any demographic category. Since the defeat of the 1995 referendum, the PQ has had all sorts of difficulties.

Capitalism kills: The Alberta suicide crisis and beyond

Homeless individualIt has been almost three years since Alberta was shocked by plummeting oil prices in mid-2014. A province booming with industry and employment opportunities was suddenly faced with an economic collapse, characterized by capital flight and unemployment. Despite being responsible for creating 87 per cent of the net job growth in the country in 2013, Alberta has become an industrial ghost town.

Canada 150: Erasing struggle from Canada’s past

Canadian genocideAs federal and provincial governments prepare to spend $500 million on the celebration of Canada’s 150th “birthday”, Canadian workers continue to be forced to accept privatizations, falling living standards, and austerity.

NDP Leadership: Support Ashton, Fight For Socialism!

rlashton02On Friday 23rd June, Fightback’s editorial board sat down to discuss with 2017 NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton. Based upon that interview, and Ashton’s statements since the start of the campaign, Fightback has decided to support Ashton’s candidacy and encourage all socialists to do the same. 

Nova Scotia election signals need to organize

stephen mcneil nov15 720On May 30, the Nova Scotia Liberals and Stephen McNeil became the first government in the province since 1988 to win consecutive majorities. Emboldened by the win, McNeil signalled that public sector unions can expect to face a hard line in upcoming negotiations.

‘Harper with a smile’: Andrew Scheer wins Conservative leadership race

With the election of Scheer, Conservatives have signalled their continuity with the Harper era and selected a leader seen as most able to reconcile the disparate ideological groupings within the party. As the new face of Tory reaction, Scheer combines muted social conservatism with a fierce devotion to the unbridled rule of capital. The fortunes of Scheer and his party going forward will depend greatly on the economic trajectory of Canada in the coming years and whether growing opposition to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals is channeled to the right or to the left.